500 Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India

As you develop your spiritual and physical practice, Teaching Methodology then assists you teach what you yourself are practising. We firmly believe that being a strong practitioner in each of these will give you the grounding and foundations to becoming a successful and confident yoga teacher. Take your first step into something that can change your life. In 2 months, you’ll finish this training with the necessary tools, skills and insights, to guide you on your journey. One of the things that’s so rewarding about these 500 hours intensives, is that each one of us comes to the mat for something different. Our journey is unique to ourselves, yet for 60 days we learn and grow together, become part of the same energy. You will learn to create flows for a variety of class types. Explore what works best for your body. This course offers a complete study of the eight limbs of yoga based upon the Yoga Sutras. Our training is devoted to helping Yoga Teachers teach to all walks of life. Our motto is “yoga for all” Our asana technique explores contemporary principles of alignment and safety, while honouring our students’ need for creativity, freedom, and self-expression in their practice. The 500 Hours course is held in a collaboration with "Yoga Vedanta" school.

Globally recognized

Yoga Courses in India is a true Yoga and spiritual learning center based on classical.

Based in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Courses in India is a true Yoga and spiritual learning center based on classical.


"Very knowledgeable teachers, teaching so interesting topics, with good will to answer questions and discuss things. What I have learnt in this school I will never forget. Thank you for supporting and helping me when I most needed it."

Paula Barrientos

"This is a best training center for beginners where you get the chance to practice yoga in the pleasant environment of Rishikesh (Yoga capital of the World)"

Deeksha Tiwari

"An Excellent Yoga School at Rishikesh, India for 200, 300 and 500 Yoga Teacher Training Courses.
Thanks Gopal ji."

Yogi Anand

"Great teachers, they bring a lot of calmness. It's good to feel comfortable that you are receiving the traditional yoga knowledge!"

Mariana Vellanga